Monday, February 25, 2013

Clippin' & Savin'-- Literally.

Financial Guy & I have been together for a long time. As a matter of fact, we met in college, when we were 18 and dead broke. Being broke college students, we were both looking for ways to cut costs. At some point in those early years, Financial Guy needed a hair cut & it was determined that I could, in fact, wield a pair of scissors (on paper, mind you, although I can also usually throw a mean game of "paper, rock, scissors"). Because I got skills, I was named prime candidate for cutting home skillet's 'do when he took himself down to "the Walmart"and bought a Wahl home hair cutting kit... let's just surmise that fate shined on him and 'the bowl' haircut was popular. Although a bowl was not actually utilized for said cut, it merely looked like it had been.

Fast forward a few years and we were married, but still dead broke. However, being gainfully employed, we felt it necessary for him to have a "real" hair cut. Financial Guy likes his hair cut about every 3 weeks... this can add up fast, especially when you're as poor as "two church mice" or "Job's turkey"-- I've heard these expressions my entire life and, for the life of me, can't figure either of them out.

The hairdresser I used was kind enough one day, to show me some tips for giving financial guy a non-bowl, professional cut and the rest is history. Four kids later, I now shear and/or clip 5 heads, when necessary.

That really is me, that really is one of the twins, and I really (truly) am cutting his hair. We are so straight-ghetto (or redneck... take your pick. There really isn't much difference, truth be told) that-  

1) we don't put newspaper on the floor. They don't do it at a salon, so why should I? I own a broom, doggone it, so I sweep and vacuum after cutting hair. We also...

2) don't own a hair cutting cape. We go old-school and use a towel, held together in the back with a hair clip. I just roll the towel up, take it outside, & shake it out between cutting heads of hair. Rumor has it, the smell of human hair deters deer from eating your plants. We have exactly 1 tree in our yard. Well, it was a tree, until a deer got a hold of it. Here's hoping apples grow on bushes, since that's what it resembles now... Here's also hoping that shaking the hair off the deck will keep our exactly 1 apple bush safe from Bambi's buds.

Although I can't do hip 'dos, I can do basic enough cuts to save us from spending so much stinkin' money on coiffured locks. I know all too soon, the twins are going to want a specific style & I'm just gonna have to bite the bullet & take them to have it done. That said, I'll be asking lots of questions & paying close attention to attempt to replicate it at home. I'm very meticulous about cutting hair, but not formally trained to do such. As a result, there are times when the cuts are better than others. When people find out I cut Financial Guy's hair, the question is often asked "do you let him cut YOUR hair?". I love the guy, but let's just say there's a reason why I call him "Financial Guy" & not "Edward Scissorhands." :)

If you are looking for a way to cut costs for your family, this might just be an easy enough way, especially if you can get a few tips from your hairdresser. Cut, color, you name it & I ain't skeert to try it... just don't ask about the time my hair was purple-- on accident, not to be the cool rocker-chick type that I think I am. I exaggerate a lot, but the purple hair story is no exaggeration.

If you mess up, my philosophy is "it's just hair, it'll grow back". :) Give it a try. It just may help you take a little off the top-- pun intended. :)  Save on, friends!


  1. LOL! I've learned to shave Greg's head. But wow even with being crafty I cannot cut hair! I think you tried to show me one time. Some peoples got it and some don't. I'm in don't category.

  2. Chelle- I jsut thank my lucky stars every time I pick up a pair of shears that nobody here has curly hair. IT WOULD BE BUTCHERED!! :)